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Welcome to the Reestit Mutton website

Reestit Mutton is the perfect antidote to corporate-looking price comparison sites. It is designed by an individual with a passion and flair for developing an amazingly friendly and flexible facility that pushes the boundaries of price comparison technology. It can't yet make the tea but he's working on that.

Important Announcement

There is now an all new look and feel to the site and lots of new facilities have been developed such as the searchable mobile phone retailer directory, the site blog containing the latest mobile news and reviews (updated daily) and the ability to sign up to receive newsletters.

Please Note: the price comparison facility is currently undergoing redevelopment. If you would like to be notified when it is relaunched there is a newsletter specifically designed for this purpose.

Retailer Spotlight


A1 Comms have been trading since 1997, the website originally set up to support their high street mobile phone shops is now stand alone and over the last 10 years of trading has gained many 1000s of satisfied customers.

Run by the same people that are behind Buy Mobile Phones.


Smart Kids Use More Text Jargon, According To Study

Kids tend to get a bit of stick from grumpy old folks (like us) for using too much nonsensical jargon in their text messages, but this might actually be masking a higher intellect than previously thought. There's nothing like a proper scientific study to quash ill-founded rumours and this area intrigued the British Psychological Society enough to run a test of their own to find out if 'poor' use of language in texts relates to poor reading and writing skills.

Gizmodo, 26 Feb 2009


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touchphone

  It’s hardly a surprise that Nokia’s first post-iPhone foray into touch-controlled mobiles has drawn massive amounts of interest. Nokia may have dabbled briefly with touch-operated handsets before, with its 7700 and 7710, but the 5800 XpressMusic is certainly year-zero as far as Nokia devices designed to take on Apple’s game-changer are concerned.…

The Register, 21 Jan 2009