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Since day one, I have maintained a resolutely ethical stance where this website is concerned.

Unless explicitly attributed to someone else, every word on this site is written by me and every aspect of the price comparison service is designed, implemented, tested and deployed by yours truly. There’s no army of salaried monkeys feverishly tapping away behind the scenes and there’s no rich benefactor using his money to exert an influence over the site’s future direction. It’s just me myself and I, trying my utmost to develop a website that pushes the boundaries of price comparison technology. I’m extremely proud of that fact and would never dream of hiding it behind a corporate skin as many others do.

Since it was first launched in 2003 the website has gone through a number of changes. As my knowledge and skills have developed, so has the site. However, through all these changes one thing has remained an unassailable constant and that is the fact that this site should always remain free to use, free from advertising and completely independent.

In order to keep it that way I need the continued support and loyalty of my readers, without which this site simply could not continue to maintain its high ethical standards. If you like the site and you would like to see it continue to develop and improve then there are three very simple things that you can do to help, none of which will cost you money:

1.Where available, use the affiliate links provided on the site
These links are highlighted with a star. I cannot stress enough that, as long as the site continues to stick to its ethical principles of free access, freedom from advertising and independence, this is the site’s only source of income.

2.Tell your friends, family and work colleagues about the site
The more people that know about the site and use it on a regular basis the more I can continue to improve it for everyone’s benefit. You can tell as many people about Reestit Mutton as you like by clicking on the tell a friend link in the menu on the left and filling in a form.

3.Tell the rest of the world about the site
If you have an account with a social bookmarking site such as digg, technorati or del.icio.us you can add this website to your favourites list by clicking on the bookmark the site link in the menu on the left and selecting the relevant link in the social bookmarking sites list. If you don’t yet have an account with any of these services then I would strongly recommend joining one. It’s free and it’s fun.